M2M Zone Conference: IoT Leadership Forum

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Date:  9/7/2016–9/8/2016
Time:  11:00 AM
Location:  Sands Expo and Convention Center − IoT Leadership Stage

Located in the M2M Zone pavilion on the show floor, the IoT M2M Stage will feature IoT content throughout the Super Mobility 2016 show. 

IoT M2M Council Conference: September 7, 10:30 am - 2:00 pm
M2M Zone Conference: September 8, 10:30 am - 1:15pm
SpotLights on IoT Day 1: September 7, 2:00 pm - 4:30 pm
SpotLights on IoT Day 2: September 8, 1:30 pm - 4:00 pm

IoT M2M Council Conference
September 7, 2016
10:30 am – 2:00 pm
IoT Leadership Stage in The M2M Zone Pavilion on the show floorThe IoT M2M Council (IMC) the largest and fastest growing trade association in the IoT sector – will present panel discussions addressing the hottest IoT topics.  Topics of discussion include: healthcare, automotive, energy and Women in IoT among others.

10:30 am - Opening Remarks
Keith Kreisher, Executive Director, IoT M2M Council

Session I: 10:40 am -11:45 am
Bringing the Smart Gird into the Smart Home

Robin Duke-Woolley, Founder & CEO, Beecham Research

John Horn, CEO, Ingenu
Chuck Mosely, Director of Global Accounts, M2M , Inmarsat
Hardy Schmidbauer, Marketing Committee Memeber, LoRa Alliance

The number of connected white goods in the home is exploding, and may soon number in the hundreds for the average household. This represents huge opportunities and challenges for the IoT ecosystem – topics covered in this session will include…

  • Analytics and Demand Response: cornerstone concepts with big impact for consumers.
  • Network Efficiency: how low can the cost of wireless connectivity for the home go?
  • Interoperability and Open Platforms: avoiding the connected home as a Tower of Babble.
  • Security and Privacy: what’s being done to protect consumers and the grid?

Session II: 11:50 am – 12:50 pm
The Connected Health Opportunity: Making "Anytime-Anywhere" Healthcare a Reality
Moderator: Jared Bazzy, VP Publications & Research, TelecomEngine.com

Sri Bharadwaj, President, Southern California Chapter, HIMMS
Syed Zaeem Hosain “Z”, Chief Technical Officer, Aeris Communications
Tad Reynes, RVP Healthcare Solutions – IOT, AT&T
 Ken Conner, Director, Enterprise Solutions, KORE

"Connected Health" encompasses a range of technologies, including IoT applications, which span from patient-centric services available at home and across mobile networks, to more sophisticated systems that allow medical professionals to monitor patients in and out fo the clincial setting, all of which can integrate real-time data with electronic healthcare records (EHR). Join our panel of experts as they discuss the fast-growing connected health market today, and share their outlook on opportunities for innovative products and services in the future.

  • Definitions and Differentiation between E-Health, Telemedicine, Telehealth, and M-Health.
  • Internet  and cloud - based Patient-Centered Technologies, Applications, and Related Market Potential.
  • The Market of Devices, Applications, and Services for Healthcare Providers, Hospitals, BioTech and Pharma.
  • Regulatory, Legal and Standardization Considerations of New Product and Service Development. 

Session III: 12:55 pm – 1:55 pm
Women in Iot

Isabel Chapman, Principal Analyst, Machina Research

Kathryn Caspar, VP & General Manager, Lighting Solutions, Synapse Wireless
Bridget Karlin, Managing Director, Iot Group, Intel
Sherri McDaniel, President, ATEK Access Technologies
Christina Richards, VP of Marketing, Aeris

With the Internet of Things sector expanding rapidly, and the need for skilled IT professionals increasing, more and more women are pursuing careers in the STEM disciplines. Today, women hold only one in seven jobs in engineering and account for just 27 percent of computer science positions. Women comprise 67% of all college degrees, but less than 20% of them in computer science.  This session will focus on women who are currently leading the charge in IoT innovation and the projects that they are a part of.

For more information please visit  www.iotm2mcouncil.org  or download the full agenda IoT M2M Council Conference

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SpotLights on IoT

The M2M Zone at Super Mobility 2016 introduces SpotLights on IoT - New High-Impact, Short-Form Speaker Sessions held on the IoT/M2M Stage on the show floor in the M2M Zone Pavilion.  SpotLights will feature a compelling, diverse lineup of IoT leaders from influential companies addressing the latest IoT topics in 20-minute segments. Each SpotLight will present a product or application for IoT Adopters.

Day 1: Wednesday Sept 7
2:00 pm – 4:30 pm on the IoT Leadership Stage in the M2M Zone Pavilion

2:00 pm - Exploring IoT Business Models for Generating New Revenue Streams

Flavio Gomes, CEO, LogiSense

The future of IoT / M2M promises billions of connected devices coming online over the next several years. The benefits to adopting IoT include greater productivity, reduced operational costs, improved customer experience, and an ability to expand business to new markets. This proliferation of connectivity however is creating a highly complex environment, with an ecosystem of consumers and providers generating huge numbers of transactions that require metering, measuring and ultimately monetization. What are the market opportunities for service providers, and how will these companies need to change their infrastructure in order to take advantage of this IoT opportunity?

2:30 pm - Power to the Devices
Michael Orr, VP of Sales & Partnership, N.A., SigFox

Power to the Devices will examine the gap between IoT today and 2020. The challenges that have inhibited IoT from taking off – cost, battery consumption, and user experience need solutions now to enable the predicted explosion of 100+bn connected objects in the next four years. Learn how SIGFOX, the only commercially available IoT-dedicated connectivity solution is solving these challenging and enabling the connectivity of billions of devices for agriculture, smart cities, logistics, and many more industries in need of scalable IoT connectivity.

3:00 pm - Low Power WIDER Area: How Satellite Messaging Extends the IoT”
Geoff Brue-Payne, Business Development Manager, Inmarsat

The concept of doing more with less is not new, but it translates to the accelerating pace of advances in a number of areas driving low power networks offering lower cost and smaller components and longer battery life that allows for the placement of sensors and controls farther afield. We’ll show you how even though you can’t put a tower everywhere you might want one, you can still get quality coverage, cost effectively, using satellite…today.

3:30 pm - IoTaaS – How Does it Benefit You?
Niclas Andersson, Director Business Development – IoT & Emerging Technologies, T-Systems N.A.

Instead of researching for months and negotiating with and manage multiple various vendors, contracts and integrations both locally and globally to be able to design, build and deploy your IoT products, learn how to IoTaaS from T-Systems can help your business get to markete quicker, easier and most cost effective.

4:00 – Digi Wireless Solution Saves Thousands for ElectriCities
Speaker:  Curt Ahart, V.P. Cellular Product Management, DIGI International & John Coates, Applications Engineer - NCMPA1, ElectriCities.
ElectriCities, a management services supplier to North Carolina municipal power agencies, saved over $300,000 annually on telemetry charges with Digi wiresless remote monitoring systems that obrains real-time data on substation meter and generators in the field. Savings include reduced maintenance contracts, few equipment repairs, and decreased lightning strike costs. 

Day 2 – Thursday September 8
1:30 pm – 4:00 pm on the IoT Leadership Stage in the M2M Zone Pavilion

1:30 - Attention Makers: An Open Platform for the Mobile Internet of Things!
Mark A. Wells, President  & CEO, Positioning Universal

There is an explosion of IoT Ideas! Products have been comparably few.  Implementation complexities have been getting in the way.  Costs are another barrier.  Positioning Universal’s INVENT IOT platform offers a cost-effective end-to-end solution for open development.  Our fully integrated IoT-based cloud implementation has been designed to be complementary to our IoT hardware device platform.  Create JavaScript for both the cloud-based application and the device, that is easily configurable and OTA capable.  Makers will experience a new paradigm in IoT development.  Please come to see how easy it is to bring your IoT dreams to life!

2:00 pm - IoT, Business Beyond the Data
Alan Atkins, Vice President and Global Head, IoT, WIPRO

Abstract coming soon.

2:00 pm - IoT, Business Beyond the Data
Alan Atkins, Vice President and Global Heat, IoT, WIPRO
There must be very few ideas in the recent past with the staggering scale and size as the Internet of Things (IoT). By doing the digital equivalent of holding hands, IoT enablers-sensors, devices, software, hardware, gateways and networks-will be responsible for around US $1,400 bill in end-point spending. And that is what conversations about the IoT have been dominated by: commodity enablers. The conversation needs to shift to a more important one: "What is the value my business will gain" What is the value I must look for?" And more importantly, what is the experience that IoT needs to drive, to ensure this business value. This session will explore this and more. 

2:30 pm - Iridium Satellite Communications Complements Cellular Based M2M Solutions
Tim Last, VP & GM, M2M Line of Business, Iridium

Iridium is launching a new environmentally sealed modem with rugged automotive power supply that will enable customers to more rapidly add Iridium satellite to their existing terrestrial based solutions while avoiding the expense associated with ground up development and satellite specific terminal certification. This new product will be targeted to Fleet Management, Telematics, Safety, and other remote monitoring solution providers operating in regions of the world where terrestrial coverage is not sufficient.   This flexible “dual-mode” configuration can economically provide the coverage required for critical data communications worldwide.

3:00 pm - Enabling the IoT
Christian Allred, SVP International Solution Sales, ORBCOMM

According to Gartner, the importance of the IoT has been accepted by almost all. The problem, according to the industry analyst’s survey, is that many don’t know how to take advantage of it. For more than 30 years, ORBCOMM has been connecting fixed and mobile assets, long before there were terms like IoT or M2M. Building off of the company’s knowledge and experience, ORBCOMM will review the IoT landscape, define the components that make up M2M/IoT solutions and detail how to make the development, procurement and installation phases less intimidating. This presentation will incorporate use cases to illustrate best practices and uh oh moments.

3:30 pm - Connected Cows and Better Mousetraps: LORA Use Cases for the Internet of Everywhere
Philip Meyers, Head of Strategy, Inmarsat
Mike Mulica, CEO, Actility

Imagine if you could deploy a network of sensors in a matter of minutes that allowed you to constantly keep track of the status, position and behavior of each and every one of your assets - from the wellbeing of your cows to the whereabouts of your shipping container; from the ripeness of your coffee beans to the demise of pesky pests. And imagine if you could deploy that network anywhere around the globe, setting up your own robust network in just minutes, with a range of solutions all leveraging the same protocol? Well, don't imagine but attend the Actility/Inmarsat spotlight session. Make smarter connections.

 Spotlight Abstracts

M2M Zone Conference
Thursday, September 8th

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Session I: 10:40 am – 11:50 am
End to End Security - Is it the Holy Grail of IoT/M2M?

Applications developers are struggling to stay one step ahead of the hackers, with big consequences for the future of the IoT/M2M sector. How safe are IoT deployments, and what is being done to make them safer? This session will cover Trusted Environments, encryption technology, and compliance regimes for making IoT applications as safe as possible from edge to cloud.

Robin Duke-Woolley, Founder & CEO, Beecham Research
Daniel Quant, VP Product Management & Strategic Marketing, Multi-Tech
Alon Segal, CTO, Telit 
Core Edmundson, Network Engineer, KORE

Session II: 12:00 pm – 1:10 pm
New Alternatives to Low Power Low Cost Connectivity

New connectivity options and devices that use low-power consumption to lower costs and ease life-cycle management could usher in truly large-scale deployments. Low-frequency networks (LP-WAN) are being touted as true alternatives to mainstream carrier networks for IoT/M2M, but the telecom industry looks set to respond with their own LTE-M alternatives (including Cat 0 and NB-IoT). And embedded devices are now being introduced that can operate on as little as several small batteries for several years at high positional accuracy. This session will cover the current state of the low-power IoT technology race.

James Brehm, Founder & CTE, James Brehm & Associates

Mary Beth Hall, Director of Marketing, Verizon Wireless
Mike Mulica, CEO, Actility
Brian Makarowski, Director of Market Development, Sierra Wireless
Mike Ueland, President Americans, Telit Wireless Solutions. 

For a full agenda M2M Zone Conference Agenda


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